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We at Vida Trumpelmann are professionals who manufacture and fit individually designed artificial eyes and scleral lenses.

Company description
The condition of the socket following disease (or injury) and surgery may not allow even the most skilled surgeon/ocularist team to produce a completely natural-looking artificial eye. The practitioner must therefore employ special techniques , known as “cosmetic optics”, to give the best cosmetic result for the artificial eye.
In cases of a too-narrow or too-wide lid opening, the use of a cylinder lens, by itself or in combination with plus or minus power lenses, will change the apparent shape of the lid opening. If the patients lid opening is too wide, start by holding a –3.00 cylinder over the patients artificial eye at axis 180, and then rotate the lens slightly in different directions. You will see the lid shape change and take on a more narrow look. Holding the lens at axis 90 will produce the opposite effect. The use of a minus cylinder to narrow the lid opening can also cause the iris to look smaller. In such cases, adding plus sphere power will neutralize this effect.
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