Ver-Bolt Pty Ltd, Vereeniging

Ver-Bolt Pty Ltd
1939 Vereeniging
016 422 4491
016 421 1729


All types of Fasteners, To all specs ie DIN,ISO,BS,ASTM,etc, Standard Fasteners Hex Bolts, Cap Screws, Nuts, Washers,etc,Foundation Bolts L Shape, Plates, Boxes,etc, Studs Fully threaded, ENGStuds, DIN2510,etc, Massonary Fasteners Shield anchors, chemical anchors, etc, All Coatings Zink Plating, Electroless Nickel plating, Chromium Plating, Copper Plating, Aluminium Plating, Sheradizing Plating, Nickel Plating, Hot Dip Galv, Xylar Xylar Xylan, Cadium Plating, Consumables Welding equipment, Chain, Ind Lubricants, Lifting Safety Equipment, Chemical Detergents, etc All Material types Ferralium 255 605M63 EN16 Supper Alloys, UNS32550 , 708M40 EN19 , Duplex Steel, UNS S32760 , 817M40 EN24 , Monel 400 , Zeron 100 , 826M40 EN26 , Monel K500 , 254SMO DUREHETE Inconel, UNSS31254 900 950 1055 , Incoloy , UNS S31803 , JETHETE x19 Hastelloy , A453 660 A B ESSHETTE 1250 , Titanium Alloys, NIMONIC , 42CrMo4 , 24CrMo521, 75 80A 90 CrMoV57, Hi and Low Temperature Fasteners, ASTM A 193 B5,B6,B7,B7M,B16,B8 class 1 2, B T class 1 2, B8M class 1 2, B8 C class 1, ASTM A 320 class L7, L43, B8 class 1 2, B8 T class, 1 2, B8 M class 1 2, B C class 1, ASYM A 194 Grade 2H, wM, 3,4,6,6F,7,8,8T,8M,8F,8C, ASTM A 453 Gr 660, ASTM A540 Gr B21 B24, ASTM A 522,ASTM A 564 Gr 630, All types of fasteners ie Hex Bolts, Studs, Cap screw et, ABRASIVES Cutting Grinding Discs,ANCHORS Foundation, Rawlbolts, Sleeve Tru Anchors, Dyna Bolts, Red Heads,BLADES Hacksaw, Band saw, and Power saw, BRUSHES, BROOMS, MOPS, SQUEEGEES, CAP SCREWS, GRUB SCREWS,SELLOCK PINS, ROLL PINS, CROS BY CLAMPS, D SHACKLES, EYE BOLTS, CHAIN CHAIN HOISTS COTTON WASTE, RAGS, MUTTON CLOTH DEGREASERS, DETERGENTS, DISINFECTANTS, SOAP POWDERS DRILLS, TAPS DIES, HAND TOOL, HOSE CLAMPS

Etc, Boxes, Plates, Washers, Mops, Iso, Rags, Stud, Bandsaw, Chemical Anchors, Eye Bolts, Broom, Squeegee, Nickel Plating, Grub Screws, Monel K500, Monel 400, Nimonic, Titanium Alloys, Incoloy, Sleeve Tru Anchors, 708M40 En19, B T Class 1 2, Soap Powders Drills, Ind Lubricants, 42Crmo4, All Types Of Fasteners Ie Hex Bolts, Consumables Welding Equipment, All Coatings Zink Plating, Cap Screw Et, Uns32550, Studs Fully Threaded, Din2510, Duplex Steel, 254Smo Durehete Inconel, Hi and Low Temperature Fasteners, Massonary Fasteners Shield Anchors, Standard Fasteners Hex Bolts, 8C, B8 M Class 1 2, 75 80A 90 Crmov57, B6, Dyna Bolts, Chromium Plating, All Types Of Fasteners, Jethete X19 Hastelloy, Blades Hacksaw, Abrasives Cutting Grinding Discs, Anchors Foundation, Uns S32760, Rawlbolts, B8 C Class 1, Engstuds, Lifting Safety Equipment, L43, Astm a 320 Class L7, 8T, Sheradizing Plating, Astm A540 Gr B21 B24
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