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Siyaya Debtsolutions
PO Box 260
7500 Cape Town
Western Cape


Since the release of the National Credit Act in June 2007, consumers now have the chance to apply for debt help or debt counseling. You can now enjoy the convenience of having your debts paid through one payment, allowing the you to plan your hard-earned salary with peace of mind.
Debt can often lead to financial shortages, stress and even creditors taking back valuables you may have already paid large amounts of your hard earned money to aquire. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with your payments, you must consider debt management/debt counseling.debt counselling
is done in a law which allows you the opportunity to accommodate your living expenses and at the same time reviews your debt obligations and maintain better inspired living.
Debt counseling protects the consumer from creditors who are ready to commence with legal action against you the consumer. For serious debt help / review / management contact a quality debt counseling practise.

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Company description
Are you struggeling to pay your accounts? WE HERE AT SIYAYA DEBT SOLUTIONS CAN ASSIST YOU. We render debt advice on how to budget and debt management plan to suit your pocket.
We negotiate with your creditors to accept a payment within your affordability.
We create one fixed payment to your creditors giving you peace of mind.
We review your circumstances annually ensuring your safety.
We assist you for the duration you are under debt counseling.
You are required to have an income. Debt management / Counseling can assist all employees and business owners (entrepreneurs), allowing you the opportunity to plan, think and see yourself being debt. free.
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more than 6 months ago

Disgusted, upset, regretting why I ever met these crooks.

14 August 2017

Good Day, we would be able to assist you going forward, kindly contact Tracey on

more than 6 months ago

This company is pathetic. Been calling and no answer because I want to cancel. My life is ruined because of them

more than 6 months ago

I agree with you. This is a fly-by-night business which is hell bent on screwing people's lives. No answers to telephones, no replies to e-mails...........Olga and Saleem, where are your business principles????????? Disgusted!!!

14 August 2017

Kindly email me on

more than 6 months ago

Siyaya sucks they dpnt consider query


more than 6 months ago

this company is pathetic beyond you should never trust a word they say i am trying to cancel my contract for the past two weeks and no response just cancel the damn contract is all i ask


, more than 6 months ago

great service

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