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The Native Independent Congregational Church (NICC) seceded from the London Missionary Society in 1885. The NICC was founded by Chief Kgantlapane of the Ba Ga Maidi Tribe at Manthe after the seceding congregation appealed to him for assistance in order to set up own church. He went to Kimberley where he met Rev. James Phuti of the union of the Congregational Church.

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In the Eastern Cape the church came to being after Rev. Nyangi, an ex-Second World War soldier, from Xhukwana near King Williamstown came from London in the early 1940’s to establish his own church by the name of the Native Independent Congregational Church. He was advised by the government of the existence of a similar denomination. Both the Rev. Nyangi group and the Rev. PJS Moshaoa group met and amalgamated.
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