Greenbury Secondary School, Phoenix

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Greenbury Secondary School
4068 Phoenix
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Dissappointed with the Principal!!

more than 6 months ago

I cannot believe that there will be no prom for 2014. This years matriculants are clearly not important as the principal doesnt want to have one for them. Yet they had one last year when special students were there!!

appauled at immature parents

more than 6 months ago

I am appauled by some of the comments written by the parents. It is quite sad and low for you to tackle the principal and his staff without their response. There are two sides to a coin therefore dont poison the mind of confused people. If you are not satisfied at Greenbury, there are other schools available in Phoenix which your child can attend. Why are you so adament on getting your child into Greenbury? Is it because it's one of the top schools? Everything that the school is today is because of our wonderful principal and his encouraging staff. We are treated well and with respect by all staff. From a young child my elders taught me that, "if you have nothing good to say, you should keep your mouth shut!". I am a pupil of Greenbury Secondary and i say that these sour parents are demeaning themselves and the school which is quite pathetic!
#Sour parents
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more than 6 months ago

I am writing to you express my concern about the situation that is currently being faced by many people at Greenbury Secondary School in Phoenix. I am left with a bitter taste in my mouth and great disappointment with this schools approach with the enrolment for students for the year 2013. The manner in which fully grown adults are being treated us as parents treat our children with more respect. I have being visiting this school from the beginning of September 2012 to enquire about the date that enrolment will start at this school. I was advised by the Secretary of the school that they are unsure as the department of education needed to send out a circular to the school advising specific date of enrolments, so I was informed that I must come everyday to find out. Being a parent we go all out for our children and I was worried that my child will not get place in this school it being the only one near my residents. I had attended the school on a number of occasion but this time I was sadly approached by a very rude and arrogant human being who had being disrespectful with no pride & dignity to a fellow human being and that was none other than the “PRINCIPLE OF THE SCHOOL” he has no way in addressing parents & I shutter to think how pupils at this school are being treated by him. I was finally informed that we had to go to the school because the enrolment was starting on the 29/09/12 but we had to attend the school earlier. I was really pleased and thought that finally our ordeal was over but I really didn’t know it was just starting. There were hundreds of people waiting at the school & we were informed that we have to get a number and wait. Note that this was on the 27/09/12 and we have been at this school from 6am. People are sitting on the roads and this is carrying on till today as I am writing this letter, we was informed by the governing body that final enrolment will be on 29/09/12 and if we are not there with our number & 3 ticks against our tag then we lose our place. This is utterly & totally disgraceful for a school to behave in this manner and this is the wrong way to organize an important introduction to a school. We were informed by the principle that he has nothing to do with what is happening at the school……..for god’s sake it is his school how is he running it???? Does enrolment of pupils not fall under his job description??? Makes me wonder how he is sitting in this position when enrolment of pupils has nothing to do with him!!!!!!!! I feel personally affected by this issue as I have to endure sitting day and night which will carry on for 2 nights and 3 day just to get my child in this high school. We send our children to school to get educated & to learn respect for other individuals knowing very well that respect starts at home but today it has ended at Greenbury Secondary school. Animals get treated better than this. Ultimately, it is the department of Education that need to correct matters like this in the further as we can clearly see that this school as no intention of correcting their methods as this is not the first time that this school is being in hot water for their unorganized ways in approaching enrolments. At the moment it looks like a circus is happening at this school not a like place of education!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe if the minsters/secretaries/pa/managers etc from the department of education had to endure this ordeal then you would understand the frustration being forced on parents for the last 24 hours….. Please relook at this school policy because it is disgraceful and we wonder why South Africans are leaving the country!!!!
#Greenbury Secondary School – Phoenix
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