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Formulated to meet the increased and specific nutritional needs of older horses and ponies, Equi-Feeds veteran horse feed is a high quality digestible mix. As horses get older they lose weight and may develop a more laid-back attitude to life. Despite adequate shelter and hay, horses over sixteen years of age frequently lose condition during winter or summer when pasture is sparse. This is due to their age and a reduction in the efficiency of their digestive system. Equi-Feeds Golden Years Feed helps to counter the impact of age on the veteran horse.

Company description
Horses raised on Equi-Feeds have won almost every graded race, produced top broodmares and record prices for young stock on the commercial sales market. Our stud feed is a palatable mix for brood mares during pregnancy and lactation and for stallions and foals. It is crucial the brood mare gets the right nutrients throughout pregancy, especially during the last three months when 60% of foetal development takes place. A mare’s milk yield is dependent on genetics as well as on the energy and nutrient intake during pregnancy and lactation.
Equi-Feeds Race Horse Feeds present a high quality, nutrient dense and palatable mix containing an elevated energy level. They are suitable for horses in intensive training, hard work or undertaking strenuous competition activities. The raised levels of quality protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as the balanced sources of energy and micronutrients help improve performance, stamina and muscle repair.
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