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Educare offers peace of mind. Let us help you find the best help or we can offer excellent training to your existing child minder or yourself. Our classes are kept small, ensuring individual attention and one-on-one assistance.

Company description
Every effort is made to ensure that by the time you meet and/or employ the candidates, they are suitable to perform the duties that you would like to employ them for. A domestic worker is classified as anyone that works for you in or around your home. This includes housekeeper, nanny, gardener, driver etc. Most of the ladies that we have available are able to help with a baby and some housework. Please be realistic with the amount of work that you expect the domestic to have to cope with. If you have a large house, more than one child or a very energetic two year old (!) for her to care for, you may need to look at having someone come in to help her. You can vary the frequency based on what you can afford. If your budget does not allow for the extra help, you may need to help. This could include putting a load into the washing machine when you wake up or packing the dishwasher after supper. We would also recommend that domestics that help to care for children be allowed the full weekend off. In our experience, we have found that the domestic copes much better with a busy work load if she has the weekend to rest.
Our MAIN FUNCTIONS are: To pre-interview and assess potential employees and unemployed people, according to our criteria. To shortlist suitable candidates for you from our database, according to specific criteria that you will list on your placement request. To qualify the candidates by way of experience, skills, level of literacy etc. To provide references, and telephone numbers of previous employers where possible and if necessary, verify the references telephonically or via e-mail.
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