Eastleigh Breast and Women's Health Centre, Pretoria

Eastleigh Breast and Women's Health Centre
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The aim of this fund is to assist and support breast cancer patients who are financially incapable of affording the necessary treatment and support, as well as reaching out to women of all walks of life to create awareness and to educate them on how to take responsibility for their own health.

Company description
The Fund, fully registered as a Section 21 Company, and managed by four (4) Directors, was the brainchild of the specialists working in the Eastleigh Breast Care Centre in the east of Pretoria. At this facility, breast cancer is diagnosed through mammography, ultrasound and biopsies and the management discussed amongst different specialists. The multi-disciplinary team of specialists consists of a radiologist, pathologist, two independent surgeons and a practitioner in the field of oncology. Having more than seven hundred breast cancer patients accumulate over the last few years, the need was voiced for a fund to help those patients who could not afford their treatment. We reach out to these patients, sometimes from afar, who come to the centre to obtain opinions, treatment, and hope. Many are sent to State Hospitals, knowing full well that the lack of resources and expertise at these facilities only afford the basic treatment for these women.

This fund helps us to create a haven of hope for needy women with breast cancer and to empower the specialist team to give them optimal world class treatment.
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