Duens Bakery, Goodwood

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Duens Bakery
17 Fisher Avenue, Epping Industrial
7475 Goodwood - Goodwood
Western Cape
021 505 8700
021 534 4786

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08 September 2017

I live in England .. but grew up in CT on Duens Brown Bread .... It is the Best Brown Bread in the World ... !!! And then having moved to Joburg i remember it being available ..... Could you consider a way of selling it here ??? All the loaves here are so insipid, dry " bread" with seeds galore but the substance of the crumb .... nothing near the quality of Duens Brown !! thank you Susan. Brighton UK

Half Loaves

more than 6 months ago

How about making half loaves of sliced bread for one person as a loaf of bread is too big for us and goes stale, with us haveing to throw out more than half a loaf, so for us single people out there see what you can do. Thanks
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more than 6 months ago

Dear Sir/Madam I am looking for the Duens Crushed bread and where in the Southern Suburbs can I go and buy it. Please ctc me on 083 309 3282 or email - rallie768@gmail.com
#duens crushed wheat bread
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Duens Dumpy Whole Wheat Loaf

more than 6 months ago

Please do not take the Dumpy away!!! There is nothing like it!! Please bring it back!!
#Duens#Dumpy#Whole Wheat
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Duens Dumpy Loaf

more than 6 months ago

Please bring your Dumpy Loaf back!!! They are the essence of goodness!! Please!!
#Duens#Dumpy Loaf
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