Devine Models and Castings, Pretoria

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Devine Models and Castings
Pretoria Gardens, C/O Van Der Hoff Rd and Gustav Adolf Str
0082 Pretoria - Daspoort


Want to be on a Big movie or featured in local TV series?
Or just want to earn extra cash with promotions?
Want to further your modeling career or start a modeling career?
Then we are the perfect place for you, we are a full certified modeling and casting company.
You will get paid for all the jobs you do (great to earn extra cash).
Call us 0824069764 (Kim).

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more than 6 months ago

Since 2014 they took my 150 and no calls from debt collectors saying I owe them 1800.i asked for contract and they sent me a contract with someone that has the same name as me and different surname and details.still can't believe that it happened to me.

more than 6 months ago

devine is a Scam !!! They make u register n pay registration fee .. who does that .,, if u dont have work how are you expected to pay... I had to pay a total amount of R350 to them .. they promised work thereafter.. every time i contact R***** or M******** whatever the real name is she comes with excuses ,,, I reported them and they will be served with a notice from court .. 1 full year n today they send me sms from debt collectors saying i owe them ... crazy

more than 6 months ago

I went there to register and i was told that i will get paid from 70 rands per hour and get paid after i work daily but that never happened instead i got an sms saying that they pay 40rands per hour and i was never Paid that sameday...still now we waiting for our money and on top of that we dont even get smses for promo jobs since got 1 but everytime i search for promo jobs devine always have campaigns but us those who registered with them are not told about those jobs DEVINE is a SCAM...well even if some says its not...but they have scammed me bcoz i ddnt get what i was promised.

more than 6 months ago

Devine is a scam i was told to register and i paid 100 and another 150 for pics and another 100 for the contract.. I was promised work since last year July.. here i am today ....nothing but sms from debt collectors.. Report them at pretoria Court and police station

more than 6 months ago

Well im andile and I dont have a problem with them at all. Its a very good agency an I enjoyed the training. I think the people must just contact them and not post these bad things. They are nice people. So contact them and dont post these things its not true!

devine is not a scam

more than 6 months ago

Devine in Pta is not a scam I think these people saying that dont know what they are talking bout. I have done advert and modeling for them with no problems and recieved my payments!!! They are legit.

more than 6 months ago

yea right how do we know its not u rachel spare us pls

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