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Introducing Sens Mining

7 months ago

A new innovation in open cast production monitoring.The Sens mining solution is designed to mirror to its users the operational efficiency of production mining. Its users have a realistic view of the mining operations performance on an hourly basis allowing mine managers to make pro-active judgement calls on operational execution to their financial benefit. 

The solution offers accurate independent monitoring of operational efficiency on production per hour to operational and management staff for pro-active decision making to improve financial benefits. The fluent and dynamically created self-managed RF network offers clients versatility and agility in the deployment of the solution with no need for reconfiguration or dependence on 3rd party infrastructure like WiFi networks as the mining site develops. 

Our demo video: and brochure:

Mining Industries need to adapt to digital technology to improve their efficiency

7 months ago

In recent years, costs involved with mining activities within the Southern African region have been faced with adversity specifically on the profitability frontier. Thus, being able to accurately report on day to day activities within production environments has become vital for the operational teams. Thus Virtualscape has developed the Sens Mining solution.

Why Sens Mining?

Sens Mining, as a Virtualscape solution, accurately reports on actual in-pit production in real time. This enables management to act immediately should there be any challenges hampering production targets. The collected data can be reported on per shift or vehicle within a specific shift to make the necessary changes to the production environment.

As in pit operations are monitored digitally, forecasts on production can now be done with 98% accuracy, removing the need to speculate on the profitability of production.

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Source: Engineeringnews

Are you ready to launch your own app

7 months ago

The modern business world can be overwhelming. It requires us to think faster and be more competitive in order to stand at the forefront of the proverbial gold rush.

Attaining a leading position is however rarely achieved without realising that how we do business and our clients’ requirements are constantly changing. We, as key decision makers in our organisations, thus also need to transform to ensure a sustainable move towards a better and smarter 2017.

With the rise of everything digital, the use of innovative technology has become the cornerstone of businesses’ day-to-day operations. If you are not part of this digital revolution, you run the risk being left behind or completely falling of the radar. And, of course, we wouldn’t want this to happen to you. 

Today, more and more businesses are utilising apps to propel their businesses forward. Apps allow you to interact with your clientele, which naturally improves service levels and the customer experience. Moreover, apps have the ability to build your brand’s credibility. No matter what your business has to offer, you’ll always be able to reach your clients and reinforce a closer relationship with them.

The use of apps is not only easy and fast, but it is also extremely convenient.

Although the competition is fierce within the app market, it’s always beneficial to spot a trend, embrace it, make the change, and so ensure that you confidently stay ahead of the client engagement curve.

A software platform for a complete operational management environment

7 months ago

One of the most important goals in business is to operate efficiently.

Virtualscape Technologies has a solution designed to help you achieve and maintain this goal. Pintl enables you to interact with all your operational data & systems from one single access point, irrespective of its nature i.e. financial, human capital, production etc. 

You’ll have a single workflow solution that will support your company’s business processes seamlessly across multiple systems and divisions.

For an example of how data is prepared for optimal provision of Business Intelligence, you can view our demo video here:

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