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Recoveri Microdot Product

one month ago

Recoveri- Tag What’s Yours (Pty) Ltd launched their new products today! This is an exciting day, especially for Philip Opperman – ex-police officer (Detective) and owner of Recoveri.
Recoveri’s sole purpose is to protect people and their assets against crime and return stolen property to its rightful owner. Philip hopes to help as many people as possible with this new innovative technology.
The new products that will be released at the launch, as an extension of Recoveri’s product range, is MacroTags.
MacroTags are ideal for:

  • Machinery;
  • Heavy duty equipment;
  • Industrial vehicles;
  • Yellow metal truck and trailer owners;
  • Vehicle hiring companies;
  • Construction companies.

The MacroTag is not just a simple identity tag; it is a state of the art, complex device and is the best recovery system on the market. It ensures that your assets will be more secure than ever before.

The MacroTag consists of four levels, namely:

  • The visual tag;
  • UV spray on stencil;
  • Microdots;
  • A secure database comprised of asset information.

Phillip mentioned the following benefits of Recoveri’s MacroTags:

  • They prevents theft as criminals find stealing a Recoveri marked asset gives them a higher risk of getting caught;
  • They enable people to receive insurance discounts; and
  • They enable uninsured products to be recovered and returned to the owner.

Philip said that Recoveri, as a company, are constantly looking for better products for their clients, and staying ahead in their industry. Recoveri does not just sell a product to their clients, but they give them solutions for their specific circumstances as they thrive on finding new innovative ways to help their clients.