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Twisp is the leading online e-cigarette store. Quit smoking today!

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Company description
Our sparkling new store in Claremont is in a perfect location to service customers in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.
All of our new products, accessories and consumables are available there, as well as trained staff for troubleshooting and advice.

Twisp is an electric cigarette first and foremost, not a real one. It is a personal and portable vaporiser, which uses micro-electronics and a lithium polymer cell to evaporate the nicotine in ‘smoke’ from a replaceable cartridge. The vapour does not smell nor does it contain any tar, carcinogens or smoke particles found in first and second-hand cigarette smoke; yet it feels, tastes and looks just like the real thing. Best of all you, can ‘light up’ and ‘smoke’ your nicotine machine virtually anywhere. In the movies, in the office, during a long flight – the options are endless.
The system is simple, the device is sleek and fits into your lifestyle infinitely better then a normal packet of cigarettes would. It looks; feels and tastes like your favourite pastime, only with the benefit of advanced technology powering your drive towards a healthier lifestyle. Slip in a new flavour and discover a brand new perspective on ‘smoking’. Twisp is modern, convenient and ready for you.
Twisp electronic cigarettes represent the very latest technology in micro vaporisers, and are the smallest, lightest and most reliable gadgets on the market. Beware of imitations that promise what Twisp ensures. Backed by our three month warranty, your Twisp electronic cigarette should pay for itself in less than six weeks, not to mention the other benefits of course; such as the possibility that you may one day stop smoking altogether (please note, Twisp is not currently endorsed as a smoking cessation product).
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