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Primwood products
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What makes Primwood one of the most durable materials around for outdoor funiture and decks.

The process of manufacturing primwood converts waste plastic into a maintenance free very useable product. Primwood is environmental friendly and make a valuable contribution in ensuring a clean and healthy environment. Primwood reduces the possibility of eliminating wonderful forests. Primwood ensures that the Western Cape follows modern trends and realises the importance of recycling.

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Primwood removes the following weaknesses of wood :
No maintenance required
Very long lifespan
Insect free
Resistant to moisture
Split free and non-slippery
Primwood is more flexible and more durable than wood :
Can be drilled and sawed
Can be screwed and nailed
Woody look
Normal woodworking tools can be used on the product

Primwood is available in its natural form in brown colour that looks like wood. Other colours can also be made on order.. Primwood joined hands with the community of Hermanus in winning the cleanest town competition in 2003, 2005 and 2009!

From Waste to Wonderful Primwood Products and Recycling:
Recycling is one of the world's most important factors that can change or insure a cleaner and healthier tomorrow. It is a modern trend that should be sold to the public at large. Full participation of all parties is vital to make any recycling program successful.
Primwood Products is an active participant in the recycling of plastic waste materials. We currently recycle up to 4.5 million plastic bags per month. We are a prime example in exploring the possiblilities of recycling. By purchasing our products, our customers feel a sense of satisfaction. They buy a durable product, and at the same time, play their part in the preservation of forestry and ensuring a cleaner environment.
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