Pc Training & Business College, Pretoria

Pc Training & Business College
421 Church Street
0083 Pretoria
(012) 320-2755
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PC Training & Business College, being a hybrid provider, currently operates Higher Education (HET) and Further Education (FET) Campuses located across most major cities in South Africa. Post School Education qualifications are offered at National FET Certificate, Higher Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Diploma and Degree levels in the fields of Information & Communications Technology and Business & Management Sciences. PCT&BC has a proud track record with over 130 000 learners completing a range of programmes and qualifications in its twenty two year history.

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The Institution is registered with the Department of Higher Education as a Private Further & Higher Education and Training Provider under the Further Education and Training Colleges Act, 2006 (Reg. no. 2008/FE07/050) and the Higher Education Act, 1997 (reg. no. 2000/HE07/008) respectively. The Institution is accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE), Umalusi and numerous SETAs. It is also aligning itself to the Quality Council on Trades and Occupations (QCTO).


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1 Stars

more than 6 months ago

I have been going in and out in pc training for my supplementary result since 2010 even today I still dont have my result.

1 Stars

more than 6 months ago

Bad experience this campus is not good at all and I do not recommend anyone to register at this campus. I completed in 2012 and still today 12\03\2015 I haven't received my results or certificate and I don't owe them anything . they just don't care, its only business not helping people to receive qualifications and be successful in life. Phuluane the results coordinator doesn't do her job and don't care and yet the college doesn't even notice it coz they don't care or know how to run a college. but one thing for sure the college will get what is coming to them because they got they money and I didn't get anything . we are not fools and most of all God (Allah) is watching

5 Stars

more than 6 months ago

People who have graduated from PC training are not getting jobs. And the school is so expensive. Are the diploma and certificate not recognized. Cause with what we have from the school the doors are not opening

1 Stars


more than 6 months ago

I really regret registering at this college. Church square in Pretoria the worst service you can ever dream about. Everything is just not organised, it took me 7 days to receive my table after a deposit and 21 days to receive a Modem which is also not working. Got a call to attend the workshop and everything was just a mess, travelled from Mpumalanga to get that the classes they said I will attend, they were no lectures and the another guy who was lecturing Information systems, didn't even know what he was doing, he was just mumbling and reading what was in the book, he didn't even answer the questions we asked. I don't even have anything from PC training- no t-shirt or even a bag. for real guys, you should put students first. And the is this rude guy called T****, he is so rude and they just don't care about anyone. And the is D*****, like she is not rude,but she just don't care too.
Tags: #I hate it
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1 Stars


more than 6 months ago

damn right the college only focus on the money not checking how the study enviroment is like they bearly do not give a damn hw wee as student are learning believe me a student from pc knows nothing coz yhey only focus on the theory wat happen to the practical part is not their bussiness.one can wonder wat their expecting you to do after you leave school wen you do not know anything but i gues it high time we expose them for their poor services they go and hire low class lectures who are un exprienced because they do not wanna pay but we as student pay a fortune now their robbing student with tablet pc whic only connect internet inside campus wat about wen were outside but they say its worth R3500 even if you go to shops you can get a tablet dat uses sim card to privide internet for less than R3000
Tags: #the management
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