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8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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MasterCare has been providing quality service back-up to manufacturers since 1975, fulfilling consumers’ warranty requirements through 36 stores around the country. MasterCare stores receive ‘walk-in’ customers and dispatch technicians to handle repairs in-home, both handled with unwavering adherence to strict control standards to a range of services. These services encompass installation, services and repairs to Home Appliances, servicing the retail trade in and out of warranty period, end-user maintenance contracts and including value-added products to leading brands and retail chains.

Company description
With over 35 years of experience and consistently reputation, MasterCare is one of the preferred suppliers for the warranty commitments of leading brands like SONY, Pioneer, Sharp, Sansui, Tedelex, Connoisseur, Teac, Kenwood, Sherwood, Octus and Star and to insurance companies like Auto & General and Hollard. MasterCare also fulfils extended warranties for Ellerines, Town Talk, Bears, FurnCity, and the JD Group, which includes Russells, Morkels, Barnett’s and Hi-Fi Corporation.

MasterCare leads the home appliance maintenance industry through consistent and exceptional service and Customer Care, backed by a fully integrated IT system that controls and tracks jobs. MasterCare is proud to have a long-standing South African heritage, driving the vision and passion to deliver the best quality service to manufacturers and end-user clients.


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    mpho sereba


    by , 14 November 2012

    the worse company, we have ever dealt with. My wife reported a faulty washing machine in Aug/sep the technician came and took out the motto for fixing, until today no word, We called them thier phone number from the web is incorrect, unable to contact the company and they too are not advising us about the delay. Can someone in the company have decency to contact us and give feedback......
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    E.van Zyl


    by , 22 October 2012

    My father in law is a customer for over 10 years. I logged a faulty TV with Mastercare 10 days ago. Up until now, not a single word, no collection, no feedback - Nothing. But religiously the debit order is going off every month. I have suggest that he cancels his contract as he gets no benefit, no service as a paying customer. It is a shame that service everywhere is non excisting recently. Service is another banned word in this country.
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    Master Care

    Washing machine

    by , 15 August 2012

    Their service is poor,incompetent,useless ,they don't even know customer service my advice to you is that go personally to their workshop to go get ur belongings ,this is by far the most disgusting company we have had to deal with
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    Ian Measures


    by , 16 July 2012

    Are there no positive reviews for Mastercare? I used them several years ago for TV & video repairs and received excellent service. I now need two TV's to be repaired but with all the absolutely terrible reviews I cannot with a clear conscience use them. Unless Mastercare take dramatic action to correct all the problems listed in the horrible reviews they will continue to loose business. I for one cannot risk using them!
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    Eleanor van Rooyen


    by , 12 June 2012

    I have been paying for 2 Mastercare contracts for the past 7+ years. I have had unbelievably poor service for the past 4 years. I still have not been able to retrieve my microwave that was repaired Dec 2009! NO phonecalls get answered. Now to try to stop the 2 debit orders...
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    by , 01 June 2012

    You canot complain about the service because there is none. This is pathetic and i will not only be cancelling my contract with immediate effect but will be contacting the consumer council to report the disregard to customers and the lack of service and professionalism. It's a disgrace Dave Bam 0824159895 if you have the guts to contact me, do so
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    by , 04 June 2012

    Their service is non existent and they do not honour their contractual obligations. They fail to respond to complaints. I will be reporting them to the Consumer Council.


    by , 31 May 2012

    For those of you with contracts with this "establishment", check your bank account debit orders ASAP. Further to not answering their phones, providing pathetic "service" , they have now taken to double debiting you - One order under the names MASTERCARE and the other under EARLYBIRD, using same contract number. I've just ordered my bank to reverse the debit orders. THEY can come to ME and dispute it.
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    by , 04 June 2012

    Thanks Mastercare - you also debited my account twice. No one answers the phone at any of your Call Centres........How does one deal with such an incompetent bunch of people?
    Dhevlen Bisetty

    Dhevlen Bisetty

    by , 17 May 2012

    Its time for a name change from Mastercare to No care. This company and it's staff especially at the Midrand branch need to take lessons in custormer service. Their blatant disregard will surely lead them to closing down in the near future. My fridge repair never got done, despite contant lies from technicians and management per their broken promises to attend to the queries. Under normall circumstances you can call this appalling but in this instance their disgusting attitude and lack of customer service is ludicrous
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    Wendy Kruger

    No Service

    by , 07 May 2012

    Unfortunately can't select negative star rating. Worse than useless service - bunch of lying thieves. Take money every month for a service that does not exsist. Logged call October 2011 Ref XN048557. Hundreds of rands of phone bills to finally get someone in to fix stove in January. He took call out fee and has not been seen since. I can't even find out how to cancel my account - still no answer to any phone no. Mastercare you make me sick. This is obviously how you stay in business - no way of making contact to cancel contract.
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    by , 10 April 2012

    Tags: #FRIDGEWASHINGMACHINEANDSTOVEWrite comment    Report abuse


    by , 25 April 2012

    The worst kind of service I have experienced in a long time. Midrand's telelphones are just not answered and direct lines of Managers Doreen & Quinten is just never working. The 'on-hold' music is terrible, you are told how important your call is, and then you are cut-off and the entire process starts again. You are even advised to cancell your service agreement and given a number you can call, low and behold, it also does not work! Dear Mr CEO, maybe you must try and book service call youself.

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