Johannesburg Social Housing Company (Joshco)

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Johannesburg Social Housing Company (Joshco)
137 Sivewright Ave, 1St Floor
2094 Johannesburg
011 406 7300
+27 11 406 7300


JOSHCO performs two principal functions. Firstly, it acts as a developer; by appointing contractors and professionals to build
suitable housing.

Company description
Before construction takes place, JOSHCO ensures that suitable land is obtained and that the necessary finances are secured, either through grant funding or low interest bearing loans. JOSHCO also refurbishes existing properties such as hostels and buildings within the Inner City.

Secondly, JOSHCO manages newly constructed rental housing stock as well as existing housing properties acquired from the City of Johannesburg. Management of properties means that JOSHCO selects, allocates and trains suitable tenants for occupation, ensures collection of rentals, conducts regular property maintenance and ensures that customers receive a good and reliable service.
JOSHCO's mandate from the City of Johannesburg is very specific. In terms of a resolution passed in
March 2004, JOSHCO was "appointed as the preferred implementing agent for social and institutional housing developments in the City of Johannesburg and to:

Manage all Council owned rental stock
Manage and refurbish staff and public hostels
Develop new rental stock and to implement other mutually agreed housing developments
Provide housing management services and turnaround strategies where necessary".
Social Housing
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more than 6 months ago

I applied for the Kliptown units in Jan 2006 my salary then was R5500, for rent to buy Receipt JA0788, have done follow ups was told the contractor ran away with money, eventually a friend told me they had moved in, went to Joshco offices, I was told to pay R8870 deposit for rentals, wouldn't tell me the amount I'll be paying monthly, my friend was surprised, I was given a new waiting list application No, 3213, to date, I don't have a place, my emails to Neo are not replied too, can someone assis me in this regard, 0748178039, people have suggested I use the media to get results

more than 6 months ago

dineo I am so disappointed was told that I dont qualify for a flat because I earn a lot must go apply for a house I ve tried to apply and dont qualify aswell what must I do now single parent with no shelter !!

more than 6 months ago

I must say that it is very unfair for people to be rated from what they earning as we all have our own reasons why we trying to get affordable accommodation, yes you might earn more than 7000 a month but do you know why we seeking accommodation at that price as you know we all faced recession in 2009 and trust me people are still trying to get back on their feet as everything goes up from school fees to food no one can keep track at the current rate And you get turned down because you earn more than 7000. What happened to UBUNTU so we don’t form part of that instead of trying to get people back on their feet we faced to be over charged by greedy landlords half of your salary must go towards rent meaning you still left with no other choice but borrowing to make ends meet meaning 90% of all South Africans will always be indebted to others as we do not qualify for cheaper options. From my point of view I would suggest that you do a proper investigation as to why people seek for your affordable shelter by doing a proper credit check see how much they earning , how much they left with after their rent has been paid , school fees has been paid and food has been provided for their dependants. Please reconsider you applications received and give everyone a chance to live a stress free life.

more than 6 months ago

im very disappointed about how you treat people,who are in need of shelter who want to rent. I read that u help people who earn from 3500- 7000 but thats not true beacause i earn 4500 but still i dont qualify , seriously i dont understand at all.

Natashia Louw

, more than 6 months ago

I am very dissapointed im a single mother of two and I was told I dont qualify for a flat because of the amount I earn. If get paid to much u dont qualify if u earn to little u still dont qualify . Im really do need a roof :-(

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