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We offer a unique window cleaning service for houses, townhouses, simplexes, offices, factories, shops and showrooms. We are Professional window cleaners that clean your windows when it suits you ~ whether you prefer once-off or on a regular basis. Our fully equipped vehicles bring everything that we need directly to you - including tanks filled with 100% pure water. The Water Fed Poles that we use allow us to reach and wash high windows safely from ground level. Your windows are then washed using pure water only - allowing them to dry to a sparkling and spot-free finish.

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Firstly - we offer a unique window cleaning service for houses, townhouses, simplexes, offices, factories, shops and showrooms - both directly and through licensed operators Secondly - we offer residential kits - providing you with the equipment required to achieve professional results at home! Thirdly - for larger commercial applications or residential complexes, we are able to specify and supply complete industrial reach and wash window cleaning systems (fixed or mobile), and train your personnel - allowing you to manage your own specific window cleaning requirements. Pureglaze can advise on the best window cleaning solution for you ~ whether you are a home-owner looking for a hassle free and pocket-friendly window cleaning service; or you manage large corporate buildings and are looking for a professional and cost-effective way of keeping your Corporate Identity up to scratch!


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18 March 2015

thank your this service is user friendly

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