Healthnicon, Pretoria

153 Grant Street
. Pretoria
(012) 333 5046
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A career in nursing is dynamic, challenging and exceptionally rewarding, plus it will provide you with numerous job prospects.

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Company description
The HealthNicon is a Private Educational Institution dedicated to training Healthcare Professionals for the health industry of South Africa. We provide equal education opportunities, especially to students who do not have general access to educational institutions, to adequately prepare themselves for entrance into the local and international health care markets. We have a solid reputation as the best private nursing college in the country. Nurses trained at the HealthNicon spread the word and therefore, we are always inundated with students who wish to register with us.


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1 Stars

14 October 2015

I was a student there doing health care worker course,unfortunately I failed.they made u pay a lot of money bt at the end 80% of the class failed,how can so many people fail? They r just after money dats all,nd they dnt care abt people. Some of us struggled to get the money,to find out that u fail,aowa! Health nikon change yo teaching style plz

3 Stars


more than 6 months ago

i think u'r da best instutution in south africa do me a favour and accept my request of being one of u'r dynamic stdents hwo are willing to help other peaple in their health being.
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