Health World Gym, Benoni

2 Malherbe Street
1501 Benoni
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1 Stars


27 March 2012

This is the WORST GYM EVER! they are deducting different amounts (ranging from R500 to R700!!! from my account years after i canceled my account with them!
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by 09 July 2012

There are always 2 TWO sides to a story. If you do not cancel your contract in WRITING as per your signing contract terms and conditions - or your debit bounces because you have no money in your account - then YES we will continue to debit your account - IF YOU DO NOT SUPPLY THE GYM WITH YOUR CHANGE OF ADDRESS AND CONTACT DETAILS how in heavens name do you expect the gym to contact you to sort out your problem -That being said - HOW DO YOU GET OFF SAYING ITS THE WORST GYM EVER ???? We have the best facilities on the East Rand compare to our opposition - Space comfort luxuary and atmosphere.

5 Stars


, 05 February 2011

When you sign a gym contract at Health World - everything is explained in full detail and you sign in 2 different places (yes twice) that you are in agreement with the charges IE DOUBLE LEVY IN DECEMBER - 10% ANUAL ESCALATION ON YOUR MONTHLY INSTALLEMENTS etc. You are of age and can read when you sign these documents but the fact that you cannot remember it is not Health worlds fault. Next time dont sign unless you read what you are signing for. Bearing in mind there is nothing in this world that costs the same month on month never mind year on year.
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Michelle Erasmus
4 Stars

Please do not sign up with Healt World Gym

, 01 February 2011

Late 2008 I signed up at Health World impressed with all they had to offer and their plans on expansion. Now I wish I did some research on the gym and their absolute lack of service delivery before signing up. Normal practice when signing for a service contract is that you give the service provider debit order details. After a few months I realise that the said debit order is not going through. I go to the gym and highlight this to them. Finally two months later the first debit order goes through. Months after that I get a call that my account is still in arrears. Once again I relay the story that they screwed up and that I’m willing to come to some compromise on the payments, but that I’m not going to make a 4 month bulk payment because of their lack of service delivery. NO FEEDBACK FOR A YEAR. Finally by account is reviewed by a third party service provider to the gym. The fact that my account is still in arrears is brought to light and again they did not have the management systems to pick this up themselves. But now the amount in arrears has escalated. They neglected to update the debit orders with the yearly fee increase. And this time they also charge me penalties for fee increases that they did not manage. So this time I but everything in writing and I’m informed that the owner will review my account history. STILL NO FEEDBACK! No feedback other than now the realised they can send debit orders for whatever amount they deem right. So my new debit orders clearly reflect that are going to recover monies in arrears. With which I had no problem…If only they had the integrity to at least own up with an apology of sorts or communication of their intent. If only that was the end of my woes. Last night I get a “courtesy call” from the Health World PR boys. Everything was fine until the boy asked if I had any complaints. I replied yes I have an issue with your accounts department, but I will resolve the issue with them. Any guesses to the boy’s next move? He slammed the phone down in my ear. So Health World, I’m slamming my bank account shut to you. I will not recommend your services to anyone since there is no service or responsibility or integrity in your company, none that I’ve been exposed to. A last note: For a prospering business in service delivery you need repeat business. Try investing some money in human resources and not infrastructure and you might make it to a point where you don’t need a management buyout from the big players.
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5 Stars


14 January 2011

Anybody else here get charged with a double levi over christmas???


by 05 February 2011


1 Stars

Health World Gym is stealing

03 January 2011

They are pathetic! They are stealing my money contract expired long ago and they still debit my account!!!

1 Stars

kak gym

03 January 2011

this is one of the kakes gyms just like the owner Hans please ppl dont go there

Elzet Vorster
4 Stars

Health World will make you sick

, 10 November 2010

I am so glad we are not alone. I have read the people complaining and then Bernadine from Health World reply and I want to laugh. Does this poor woman realise that apologizing is not going to make anything better. Some action would be nice. I would say, now that the gym is finished and up to date, how about upgrading your personnel. I work in an Admin department and can not believe that Health World would be daft enough ( Maybe just arrogant) to do what they like and think nothing will come of it. Bruce, get you attitude right and that of your staff or you WILL wake up one day and realise that you have nothing but an empty shell of a gym. Small things like calling clients when their debit orders don't go through, hadnling queries efficiently, good customer care and friendlyness and helpfullness and go a very very long way. A gym is a gym is a's the people inside that make the difference. You stink of arrogance, you are so unhelpfull and the only thing on you mind is money....wake up, please.

5 Stars


03 May 2010

This Gym is pathetic. My contract expired in november 2009 and there is still debit orders going off my account. I faxed through that my contract expired, but that did not work. I relocated and live quite a distance form the Gym now so I cant just go in and ask what is going on. No one should go to this gym. They gym is great, but the employees is pathetic with customer survice.

1 Stars

I'm only just starting...

, 31 January 2010

The first time I signed up at the gym, the rep whom assisted me was busy with his own money making scheme and got fired shortly afterwards.


by 14 October 2010

believe me youre gonna regret signing up! the customer service is not up to standerd, they dont care as long as the get your money! try cancelling then you will see what i mean!

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Not a happy user

28 October 2009

I'm very upset as I signed a contract with health world more that 3 years ago I was happy to pay monthly, even when I relocated to a city not close to the gym. But now after I have been in this contract, I've been trying to cancel my contract 2 months straight (I'm aware of the notice period and I'm happy to comply to it. But unfortunately nobody there is willing to help me cancel my contract!!)


by 10 December 2009

Firstly, i would like to apologize for the poor service by previous staff, we are focused on rectifying all errors of the past and i would like to ask you to contact me personally in order for us to rectify this matter. If you have been a member for more than 3 years who's payments are completely up to date, i will gladly assist you in cancelling your membership. Cancellation can only be done once a contract has come to an end, otherwise in strict medical cases. Should a cancellation be denied, it is the member's responsibility to find another person to take over the contract, however i will gladly assist you in finding someone to sell it to, should your account be up to date of course. Kind Regards, Bernardine Health World (011) 425 6390


by 10 December 2009

Dear Anon, I would like to invite you to come and have a look at what we have done so far, Health World has improved alot! Our facilities are much better than those of any other gym, if you say the pool is small, then what is big to you? Please do not hesitate to come in, you will realise that alot has changed and that we are trying our best to keep our clients satisfied.


by 31 January 2010

Crap service. After I've spoken to the owner will I share my story.

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