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The aim of this project is to place emphasis on “fun through visual learning”

Children learn more quickly and easily when they absorb information through their senses. Children are keen learners in general and the need to learn starts at an early stage of live.

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Some important milestone facts regarding the average child:

At the age of 4 years, a child already utilizes 50% of his eventual adult intelligence.

The child’s personality is already established within the first 5 years of his life.

The eventual success of the child in later life will largely depend on how the parents and the teacher’s support him/her during these early formative years.

This is the most important reason why it is necessary to stimulate a child at a young age.

It has been found that most of a child’s development takes place in the early stages of his live. During this period they develop at such fast rate and due to this it is important that the following be taken into consideration:

There are 7 major areas of development of a child that must be mastered in order to be considered school ready:

1. Motor development – great and minor

2. Perceptual development

3. Cognitive / Intellectual development

4. Emotional development

5. Social development

6. Artistic development

7. Speech and Language.
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