Elite Radio Taxis CC, Cape Town

13 Woodlands Road . Woodstock
7925 Cape Town
(+27) 21-4479003
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5 Stars

03 March 2015

This morning 3/3/2015 one of the cabs from Elite Radio jumped the red robot in front of Rustenburg Jr Girls School on Main Rd, Rondebosch. A lady had just crossed the pedestrian cross walk and the robot was red. The driver paused for the lady to cross over and then zipped through the robot. I called the number listed on the back of the cab to complain about "bad driving" someone took down the details. Not satisfied I called the dispatch number (021 4479003) and a lady by name Louise(?) said to me - we'll sort it out - without asking me any information as to when it happened, the cab number etc. So I asked her how would you know which cab had committed the violation. Her reply was - the cabs have tracker! So I asked her how can a tracker know what was the status of the robot? Of course, she had no answer, and then I put it to her (thank you Oscar) that she had no intention of doing anything because she never asked me for any info, and was being really silly to expect me to believe that a tracker would know exactly when the light turned red and when the cab actually ran through the robot. Not even the traffic services have such sophisticated devices. Bottom line, this cab company is notorious, the drivers are poorly trained, and are absolutely dangerous drivers. To top it, the owners of this service have no intention of improving the service. I for one will never use their service, and I recommend anyone reading this to use alternate services.

Mike S.
1 Stars

Elite Rip-Off

14 September 2013

I, for one, will never use Elite Taxis again, and I recommend to anyone reading this that they use another service whenever possible (like C*****). The driver I found in Obs refused to turn on his meter at first, telling me that the ride to Checkers (Kloof) would be R90. I finally got him to put the meter on, and when I arrived, the meter read R72. As I was getting my money out, he reached across, pressed a button on the meter, and it jumped to R86. He saw I had only a R100 note, so he gave me just R10 back. I argued that the fare had been R72; he replied that the fare was R90. I was extremely late (which he knew, since I'd been on the phone during the ride), so I decided to just take the R10 and go, resolving never to use this service again. C***** have proven to be reliable, honest and very competitive, pricewise.
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