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C/O Van Der Hoff Rd and Gustav Adolf Str, Pretoria Gardens
0082 Pretoria
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Want to be on a Big movie or featured in local TV series?
Or just want to earn extra cash with promotions?
Want to further your modeling career or start a modeling career?
Then we are the perfect place for you, we are a full certified modeling and casting company.
You will get paid for all the jobs you do (great to earn extra cash).
Call us 0824069764 (Kim).


Michelle Rachael Johnny

Devine Scam

by , 24 August 2014

Devine Modelling Agency IS A SCAM! Stay away from them and if possible report them! They take peoples money then disappear. You'll have an old lady at the reception who goes by many names, 2 of them being M******* and R******. She will never give you her last name. They're situated in some sort of abandoned looking building (Room 333 to be exact) in Westpark, Pretoria. This women work with her husband, "J*****", and another younger lady who could be her daughter. They're in a building on the corner of de Hoff and Gustav adolf street in room 333 of that building. They post ads all over g****** and o** trying to lure in as many people as they can, promising to give them modelling jobs, TV jobs and promotions. Unfortunately people don't research before they jump into something which is why this business is working well for them. I hope this reaches you before you fall into their trap, you have been warned!
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