Dent Tech, Strijdompark

49 Fabriek Street
2194 Strijdompark - Strijdom Park
(+27) 11-7912292
011 792 9915
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1 Stars


13 December 2012

outsurance took by care there its been a week now and they haven't started doing a thing on the car they are telling me i will get it end of January 2013 can u imagine!!!!!!! i rate them the worst
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1 Stars


02 October 2012

now that i read the comments i sure as hell hope that this wont happen to me. im suppose to take my car there today... i hope they ready for lawyers if its not uo to standard!!
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1 Stars


26 June 2012

Dissapointed!!!!! I requested a quotation 3 working days ago. NOTHING. I walked into 2 other panelbeaters and walked out with a quote in my hand. Either business is booming or you guys are running a circus
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Angry Customer
1 Stars


01 June 2012

I am so disappointed in Denttech. This is the worst, dishonest place and I feel it should be closed down. Can someone not take them to Carte Blanche??? How can they take a month and a half after I had only a small incident? I was told I would get my car back within two weeks. Seven weeks and still nothing. Absolutely terrible. PLEASE BEWARE OF THESE LIARS!!! NEVER GO THERE.
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1 Stars

Terrible Service

24 April 2012

After waiting 3 weeks I am still trying to get my car back. Apparently they are busy with it still. This is for repairs of a minor bumper bashing, the tail gate was bent slightly and the bumper was scratched. I mean seriously does an actual "real" company expect to run a business with this piss poor service? Rated 1 because I can go no lower than that
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1 Stars


05 November 2011

I will never ever take my car to that place again never!I had an accident in December 2010 took my brand car for assessment and everything went well, they 'fixed' the car and I collected it. After few days I started noticing lots of mistakes.To cut the long story short my car has been to Dent-Tech 3 times for same mistakes and I am supposed to take it back again but am thinking otherwise because I don't trust them anymore.In short they are incompetent,use second hand parts,lie,don't know how to treat their customers with respect,that place is a circus.
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1 Stars

Worst Service ever!

, 31 August 2011

I had SO many issues with Dent Tech, my biggest problem with them is their DISHONESTY! They broke my tail light, and then claimed that I had broken it, in the accident (Which was a pole right in the middle of the rear bumper). The outsurance assessor confirmed that it could not have been from my accident, and replaced it themselves. My car was supposed to be done in two weeks, but ended up being 6 weeks, and we've had to go back so many times! The badges and decals were also "stuck" back on in the wrong order, VTR was now RVT??? They cause more damage then they actually fix! I have NO IDEA why OUTSURANCE continues to use these cowboys! Clearly a lot of people aren't happy with them!
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4 Stars


06 May 2011

I had hail damage on my brand new car. I am client of Outsurance and was told to go to Dent Tech. My car was ready within the agreed time, 4 days. and they did a fantastic job. I am was very pleased with the quality of their work. the offices were a bit untidy. But I would use Dent Tech again in future
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1 Stars


23 February 2011

NEVER take your car to Dent Tech. They take ages to complete your work and lie to you time after time. They do not fix cars properly and use secondhand, non-geniune parts. Dishonest, thieving and incompetent. Terribly disappointed in them.
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1 Stars


10 February 2011

I once took my car to Dent Tech as well. and I must say that, they are, the worst people to trust your car with. the service was absolutely terrible( dont take your car there)
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