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ADT offers its Monitoring and Armed Response customers emergency paramedic response through europ assistance, who will react to any client’s emergency to treat, stabilise and transport anyone legally on their premises to the nearest medical facility free of charge.


1 Stars

Poor service

, 04 December 2013

Im writting to let you know that your services here in western cape are poor. I think you are the worst security servicesa company in RSA. Their response time is non or very late. Complaints are never resolved. Your call centre's response time is unbelievably very long. The technical setup of alarm equipment is questionable. Sorry ADT.
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bad Service-ADT

, 20 May 2013

To whom it may concern, I have to inform you that I am appauled at the services that ADT security offers. On Sunday 19th of May 2013 at about 20H00 we had a powerfailure. At just before 01H00, Monday morning the 20th of May 2013 the power came back on. As per usual the alarm went off and I duly entered the alarm code. To my dismay I did not hear anything from an ADT representitive, no phone call to find out if anything was wrong. I went back to bed and at 01H45, (45 minutes)after the alarm went off I received a call, only to learn that an ADT representitive was at the gate of the complex where I live. Honestly, 45 minutes later? What couldve happen in those 45 minutes, burglard, attacked, murdered? What are we paying for? Services are not being delivered as promised. Crime is dramatically increasing in the Upper Highway area and then we get services of this kind. Please can I get feedback on this matter. Kind Regards, Louis van Wyk
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Rakeesha Singh
1 Stars

Poor Service

14 May 2013

Reference Number Fins 509. Kindly be advised that I did not have armed response since the 5th of May 2013 until today. I would want my debit order to be amended accordingly as I would not pay for something that I did not have. I had communicated my frustrations to the following people, G******, R********, J**, J**, since the 5th of May but to no avail. I also asked for the area manager (K****) to call me, but he never did. I am now busy lodging my frustration with the head of ADT and have also shopped around for a reliable, client service based alarm company. The service is pathetic and I would not recommend to anyone. My house was unarmed for all these days and there was no urgency in the matter. I am totally disgusted , as the area manager did not have the audacity to call me despite Jay, from the call centre leaving messages with him. That speaks for itself.
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Bern's betting
1 Stars

Bad service

25 April 2013

According to me adt deserve no star. there service is very bad and they can not stop a brake in. You must call them to tell them about the break in.
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by 14 May 2013

I have tried to get through to the accounts dept for the last two weeks - I have held on, changed options, been transferred, the phone has been put down, sent a message via the online help form, left three messages to call me back and sent an email to some address I hunted down online. This is to change my billing account - from which direct debit runs. NO ONE HAS RESPONDED, NO ONE ANSWERS. I have never had such a repeatedly bad service.

P Human
1 Stars

Poor administration and service level

12 April 2013

Finnaly I was able to find this spot after 6 months of struggle with ADT. Brought a new sytem for R8700 in Oct 2012 which the technical guy could not install the way the sales person was selling it to me. Long story short 2 remotes were extra and returned after activation on my house alarm to ADT for which I was promised that a credit will be allocated to my account. After 6 months of phoning ADT call centre , the sales rep, promise made that the problem will be sorted out and will phone back etc by call centre , sales rep and evey once a lady from the debtors controll department and I was never able to speak to a manager or superviser higer the the call centre consultant - I have no luck in any way. So where are the 2 remotes??? could that mean that one or other day somebody is going into my house rob everyting and still ADT wil not respond. What a shame so many bad me messages on the web . Well mybe the Directors of ADT will read this and realize that something big is wrong at the administrations./ technical and sales departments and return my remotes to me as the money wont make me rich.
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Rika Wilson
1 Stars

Poor Service and poor attitude

19 March 2013

We have made the biggest mistake ever signing a contract with ADT last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Firstly the technician arrived at scheduled time 9:00 in the morning, then he didnt have a ladder, he left again and only returned at 15:00 that afternoon, spent 20 minutes at our home and then said all was in order. A day after one of the zones proved faulty and the alarm went off, no one phoned and no one came out to check!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then on Friday again the alarm went off and no response. We ordered and paid for remotes/panic buttons, then were told that they were out of stock and we will be refunded straigh away! Now we are told it will take 2weeks for the refund!!!!!!!!!!! Should have chosen Monitor Net!!!!!!!! And if you should choose not to publish this mail dont worry I am going to post this directly on H**** P**** also for other prospective clients to take note!

Douglas Pelser
1 Stars

ALarm system rip off

11 February 2013

I purchased an alarm system 3 years ago and have paid for the alarm. I now want to reprogram my remotes but I need the Master code. After7 calls to ADT nobody has come with a solution to my problem. Their managemnt is inaccessible and if they cannot solve your problem they go into ostrich mode. "Hide their heads". The alarm system is legally mine but they do not want to give me control of that which I had paid for quite exoensivley. They are a bunch of corrupt cheats and thieves
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1 Stars

bad service

06 November 2012

my parents have a service with ADT. their house was broken into yesterday, the alarm went off but when adt arrived at the house, he did not bother to open lock or jump the fence to check the yard. He just stood by the gate and saw that everything was fine. If an alarm goes off, Is it not his duty to go in the yard or if not walk around the yard to see if all is ok. the back yard fence was cut and the window was broken. my dad said he had made many appointment for them to go thru the house and check all the sensors etc.. From what we found the one sensor was not working. Now you tell me, is this the service you pay for every month!!!!!

Ilona Myburgh
5 Stars


02 November 2012

First of all, I get my bank statement this month and see that an amount of R676.52 has been deducted. I phone in and they tell me it is for the radio license fee. No notification given that this was going to be done. Secondly I just want to know how come the fees get increased every 4 to 5 months. I inquired but get sent from pillar to post with no joy. In January 2012 I was paying R424.32. In May it went up to R431.97. In August it went up to R466.52. Do you have an increase in fees every 4 months. Just a question???????? Thirdly I am paying this fee monthly for a service but alas, from the time the alarm goes off it take 20 to 45 minutes for someone to respond by telephone and another 40 to 50 minutes for the car to arrive. Now I ask you, you keep increasing the monthly fees but decrease the response time. Just another question ???????????.
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Carol Schoultz
1 Stars


, 01 November 2012

I advised ADT on 21 August 2012, and received a return email, that I wish to cancel my contract with them. This contract has been in place for 10 years but due to the shocking lack of service that I received, I decided to go to another service provider. I also phoned the ADT customer call centre and was told that I would have to give 30 days notice. No problem !! This is now where the problems began. They deducted the monthly payment from my bank account at the end of August and September 2012. Now to add to my misery, they have deducted another amount from my bank account at the end October 2012 which is R 200 more than the normal monthly deduction. I tried to phone the financial manager but was cut off after the call centre agent kept me waiting for quite a while for the financial manager. Can somebody please give me some advice as to how I am ever going to get these thieves to stop deducting money from my bank account ?
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