The I18B/I18C auto scrubber is highly mobile making it much easier to operate. It is fully battery-powered and an 8A on-board charger accompanies this machine. This increases its manoeuvrability. It also comes with a 457mm pad holder as well as a 457mm floor brush. Cleaning indoor areas has never been easier with the I18B/C scrubber.
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The rider scrubber is a fully automated machine with a single-button, programmed switch for training-free operation. It has a 3-setting pad pressure of up to 54kg to allow for optimised cleaning efficiency. The intense design enables the scrubber to reach narrow aisles. The automated braking and parking design makes this a highly effective piece of equipment in terms of movement. It also considered as a heavy duty machine with ‘no tools needed’ and changeable squeegee blades paired with an on-board digitalized solution mixing system.
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5 kg Rags - 25 KG and more polo t shirt rags hand cleaner 3l - 25 l prices on request
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Suppliers of Safety Equipment , work wear , and accessories and RAGS
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Suitable for long-lasting fume extraction for welding involving unalloy steels and precious metals, galvanized material and and aluminium involving a strong fume production Stationary cartridge filter unit which is IFA-certified in combination with all TEKA suction arms or cranes according to DIN EN 150012-1. The separation efficiency is = 99 %. The unit corresponds to the security requirements for units of the welding fume category W3 (high alloy steels). If you handle the unit correctly, you can use it for circulating air operation because it fulfils the requirements for the exceptional rules according to the new German Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefstoffV). The unit is fitted with a high-capacity steel plate fan which is mounted on top of the device. When the fan is switched off, a consecutive cleaning is carried out. The fan has a high negative pressure that guarantees a high volumetric flow even if the filter is saturated. A stable sheet steel construction with continuous powder coating guarantees a low maintenance operation even under rough conditions. The specially developed dedusting system guarantees optimal separation efficiency during the whole operation. The advantage of the Power-Spray- System is not only its low maintenance construction without rotating jets which are susceptible to wear, but also the low dedusting pressure and low consumption of compressed air. The dedusted particles are collected in a freely accessible dust collecting drawer and can be disposed of afterwards. A baffle plate serves as protection device for the filter cartridges. The fumes and dusts are separated from the filter cartridges. They are coated ex works with a special filter agent. This increases their lifetime considerably compared to standard filter cartridges. From a length of 5 m on, the suction arm/ crane is equipped with an additional wall bracket.
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